1. Click on "Edit My School."

2. Choose the program you want to copy from the teal drop-down at the top of the screen

3. Select the "Programs" tab. 

4. Click the "Add Program" button, and answer the questions.  

 Some of the questions that you will be asked are listed below:

* To reuse the QR codes that you have already printed, base the new program off of a program that every student is in.



A. The Start From Scratch Option - Click here to watch it in action!

  • Removes all classes, students, awards, and award levels. 
  • You can create new classes and input students into those classes. 
  • You will have to print new QR codes for the students in that program. 
  • After you create the new program check to see that it is listed in the teal box at the top of the page. Then click on the classes tab to add the new classes and students. 


B. Based on the previous program option - Click here to watch it in action!

  •  Allows you to advance the students into their new classes or copy over the setup you already have. The QR codes will still work for the students.
    • Advance Students
      • Used to set up a new year and move students to a new class. 
      • This option takes longer than the copy and paste but the QR codes can be reused.
      • Students are manually advanced to the next grade and classes.
      • Graduating students can be removed.
      • The previous users, awards and courses are maintained but can be edited.
      • Click here for more details about Advancing students
    • No Change
      • Used to make an exact copy of the setup you currently have.
      • This is good for setting up a fun run or other programs that you need the mileage to be kept separate from your main program. 



  • You can select to remove the student's mileage or copy it over to the new program.



  • If you are setting up a new year make sure the start and end date is set to cover the entire program.  
  • If an error is made in creating a new program, you can simply delete that program and start over.  The original program from which it was copied is not changed.
  • You can use multiple programs to track mileage separately from one another. 
  • You view the different programs by using the teal drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  • If you are done using a specific program, it is best to archive it.  Archived programs are read-only and may not be changed.