It’s important to know that physical activity has a positive influence on mental health. Now, you can gather data to support this fact and share with administration and parents. Follow the steps below to get aggregate data of how your students feel before and after physical activity. We’ve made it quick and EZ!

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 --- Adding the PHIT Zone Option to Your EZ Scan Program ---

  1. Create a Class for the PHIT Zones:
  2. Choose “Edit My School” at the top right
  3. Click on the “Classes” tab
  4. Click the “Add Class” button
  5. Type a class name and name it “PHIT Zones”
  6. Click “Create Class”


  1. Add the 16 Zones as “Student” Names:
  1. On the same “Classes” tab located in Edit My School, click on the PHIT Zones class name
  2. Click the “Copy/Paste Students” button
  3. Copy and Paste the list below of 16 zones into the window that opens:
    1. Be sure the single digits have a leading zero
    2. After pressing the “Next” button, verify the numbers are showing in the “Last Name” field

01   Calm

02   Happy

03   Focused

04   Energized

05   Sad

06   Unhappy

07   Bored

08   Sleepy

09   Frustrated

10   Upset

11   Worried

12   Depressed

13   Angry

14   Mad

15   Aggressive

16   Enraged


  1. Add two new courses, on the “Courses” tab found in Edit My School:
    1. Click on the "Edit My School" tab at the top of the page
    2. Select the "Courses" tab
    3. Click the “Add Course” button
    4. Add one course for checking the zone before the activity and add another course for checking the zone after the activity
      • Name them: “Before Physical Activity Zone” and “After Physical Activity Zone”
      • Set the “Laps per Mile” = 1, “Scan Delay (seconds)” = 1

  2. Print the QR cards for each PHIT Zone:
  3. Click on the "Edit My School" tab at the top of the page
  4. Select the "QR Codes" tab
  5. Select the size of the QR code, choose who to print (“Students by Class”), click on the "Generate" tab, then click on "Download PDF" to print
  6. Print multiple copies of each QR card. This will speed up the scanning process and allow students to scan even the same zones quickly




--- Preparing to Run a Scan Session in the EZ Scan App ---

  1. In the EZ Scan app, Start a Scan Session (for check-in)
  2. Choose the Course named: “Before Physical Activity Zone”
  3. Have all students scan what zone they are currently in by selecting the appropriate QR card
  4. Stop the Scan Session
  5. Click “Sync Now”

  6. Then Start a Scan Session for activity tracking
  7. Choose the course you want to use for the laps or activity
  8. When you are finished scanning, stop the scan session
  9. Click “Sync Now”

  10. Finally, Start a Scan Session (for check-in)
  11. Choose the “After Physical Activity Zone” course
  12. Have all students scan what zone they are in after physical activity by selecting the appropriate QR card
  13. Stop the Session
  14. Click “Sync Now”


--- Accessing the Zone Data on the EZ Tally Website ---

  1. Click on “Stats” at the top of the browser window
  2. Click the “View Reports” button
  3. Click on the “Spreadsheets” button
  4. Select the “Lap Totals” report
  5. On the right select:
    1. “Group Type” = Class
    2. “Group” = PHIT Zones (name of class with Zones)
    3. Choose your desired “Date Range”
    4. Click the “Get Spreadsheet” button
  6. Open the downloaded spreadsheet on your computer

--- Showing the Data in a Chart using Excel or Google Sheets ---

  1. Delete the columns of the non-PHIT zone courses except for “Before Physical Activity Zone Laps” & “After Physical Activity Zone Laps”
    1. Now you should have 5 columns (Class, First Name, Last Name, “Before Physical Activity Zone Laps”, and “After Physical Activity Zone Laps”)
  2. Select Cells “B3-B19” (list of zone names)
  3. Press and hold down the “Ctrl” key (on the keyboard), while selecting cells D3-E19 (list of zone data) then release the “Ctrl” key
  4. Now all the columns containing the Zone names and the number of scans of before and after are selected


  • If you are using Excel:
  1. At the top, click on “Insert”
  2. Click on the “Insert Column or Bar Chart”button
    1.  It may look like a small 3-bar graph
  3. Choose the 1st 2-D column option
  4. A bar chart with the data will appear on the sheet.
  5. If you want to save the chart, right click on the chart and choose “Save as picture” from the options.


  • If you are using Google Sheets:
  1. Click on Insert à Chart
  2. Chart is saved on sheet

See This in Action Here: