• Click on Edit My School at the top of the page.
  • Select the QR Codes tab.
  • Choose the size of the QR card you want to print.
    • If you select the business card size, you will see additional labeling options
  • Choose who you want to print QR Codes for.
    • If you select anything other than "All Students", you will see more selection options appear.
  • Once all steps of the selecting process are complete, click on the Download All Students or Generate button. 
  • Then click the Download PDF button to download the file to your computer.
  • Once it is downloaded you can open the file and print.

Note: Verify the codes at the bottom of the page(s) are not cut off in the print preview. You may need to adjust the margins or select the "Fit to page" option to make the codes fit on the page(s). Cut-off QR Codes will not scan.

Please remember to press the Sync Now button on all scanning devices BEFORE starting the next scan session, in order for the QR codes to scan correctly.