The Roster Page is a searchable listing of all students in your account.  This is a place to find names, add inactive names to classes, and complete new program creation if any names were missed. 

It is divided into:

Active Students and Inactive Students

Active Students: Students currently in the selected program (noted in the teal box in header).

Inactive Students: Students not in the current program, but in the database.

  • Students may be moved from one group to the other.
  • To find a student you may scroll (click the header to sort alphabetically) or search by typing the student name.


To move a group of students from inactive to active: 

Click on the student(s) name(s), click "Add to Program", note the class and click “OK” to move them to the active list.

Click here to see how! 

To delete a student from the Inactive Student List:

If there is a student that has graduated from the program and you would like to delete them from the Inactive Student List:

  • Click on the red Trash Can to the right of the Student Id Number
  • A window will open, asking if you are sure you want to delete the student. Click OK.

** Note:  If a student is deleted from the Inactive List, the only way to restore them to the database is to contact **