To allow students to scan at home, either a shared user account is used or an email address for each student or parent is entered into the EZ Tally database. if a unique email address is used,  each student becomes a User.  
Step 1: Create a new program (if you want to keep at-home data separate from in-school data)
To keep at-home data separate from school data, create a new program by following the steps below. (Parents will log into the EZ Scan app and select from the programs listed in your account. Be sure to advise them which program to use. If a new program is not needed, just let the parents know which program to use and skip this step.)
1. Edit My School > Programs
2. Add Program
3. Based on Existing Program > Continue
4. Yes to retain students from Existing Program > Continue
5. No Change to keep students organized the same > Continue
6. No to not retain the mileage from Existing Program > Continue
7. Name and Date your Program at least 2 weeks before and after the start and end of your program > Finish
See this in action here:

Step 2: Create a Username and Password for parents/students to login to the EZ Scan app
Parents/students need an email and password to login. Either give them a Shared User Account (1) or enter their unique emails (2). 
1.    Adding a Shared User Account (Note: multiple users can use this email and password.)
a)    Edit My School > Users  
b)    New Shared User Account  (Note: you do not need to change the name. Just create a password you can remember.)
c)    Send an email to the parents containing the Shared User Email and Password that you created.
See this in action here:

2.    Adding each parents’ Unique Email Address
a)    Edit My School > Users
b)    New User Account 
c)    Type the name and parent email
d)    Scan Only access
e)    Click the black envelope icon to send them their own unique password. 
See this in action here:

Step 3: Add courses 
We suggest creating generic courses that the students can choose from – such as 1 lap per mile, 2 laps per mile, etc., all the way up to 10 laps per mile. This should accomodate all situations.
See this in action here:
You can also add equivalency courses for desired time frames to go along with our Equivalency Chart – such as 20 minutes = 1 mile. Parents/students simply select the appropriate time 'course' for that session.
Remember, laps or exercise can be done anywhere - laps around the house, around the block, on a trail, at a playground, etc.) To scan, students simply go to the EZ Scan app and select the course they are using for that session. 
To create courses follow these steps:
1.  Log in to EZ Tally at
2.   Edit My School > Courses
3.   Click Add Course > Fill out the information
See this in action here:

Step 4: Email parents the QR scanning card(s) 
1.    Edit My School > QR Codes (to generate QR cards by individual or group)
2.    Follow the prompts to create your QR Codes and download the file.
3.    Send the QR card(s) as an attachment in an email
See this in action here:

Step 5: Have parents download and log into the EZ Scan 2 app
Now you are ready for the parents to start scanning. Just have them download the app, login, sync, start the session, scan the QR cards, and then sync again once they are done. You can view student progress via the class sheet. EZ Scan® works on iPads, Android tablets and smartphones running iOS 10.0 and later or Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and later.
1.    Instruct parents to go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search EZ Scan 2
2.    Download the app.
3.    Enter the correct email and password.
See how to find the app on the Apple app store here:

See how parents will log in, sync, select their course and program, scan, end session, and sync again for data to appear for you:

Now report back to the parents with the awards each student has earned and progress they’ve made!