Fitness Finders created an editable, fun, and informative Activity Recording and Instruction sheet for students and parents to use. It equates 28 kid-oriented activities to one mile. So kids can be active at home and still rack up those miles.

The Equivalency Sheet with instructions can be found at and it editable so parents and students can easily type in their results.

  1. Download the Equivalency Sheet and email it to your students. 
  2. Students record their activities on the editable form and email the completed form back to you.    
    1. Be sure that parents and students start with a fresh PDF each time so their data doesn't overlap! Send them a new link when they send their sheet back to you -
  3. When the completed Sheet is received from the student, 
    1. Login to EZ Tally at
    2. Go to the class sheet
    3. Click on Add Miles
    4. Enter the miles for the student (use the tab to quickly add mileage)
  4. See how to do that here.