Your child’s teacher is using technology to help keep your child active and engaged.  EZ Scan is the app selected to enable your child to track laps or time involved in exercise. You will find that EZ Scan is very easy to use and it only takes a minute to setup the app.

Your child’s teacher will send you information via email. You should receive the following:

    Your EZ Scan Email

    Your EZ Scan Password

    Your Child’s QR Card

•    The Program and Course Name(s) to Select on the App

Once you’ve received this information, download the app to your scanning device (such as an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet) and get your child moving!

1.    Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search EZ Scan 2.

2.    Download the EZ Scan 2 app to log in with your credentials.

See how to find the app on the Apple app store here:

[EZ Scan® works on iPads, Android tablets and smartphones running iOS 14.5 and later or Android 10 and later.]

3.    Login to the app using the credentials provided by the teacher

4.    The app should sync automatically, but if not, click Sync Now before starting.

5.    Select Start Session

6.    Select the program your teacher suggested

7.    Select the appropriate course

8.    Select Start Scanning

9.    Scan the QR Card as each lap or exercise session is completed. The camera is used to scan the QR Card.

10.    Select Stop Scanning in the top-left

11.    Select Sync Now

That’s it! The information is now recorded for your child and the teacher is able to view it. Just follow the same steps for each activity session. You will be amazed how quickly the miles accumulate and how invigorating exercise can be to both the body and the mind.

Click here to see how to complete a session - log in, sync, select program and course, scan, end session, and sync again:

If you have any questions regarding EZ Scan contact your student’s teacher or find solutions here: