Click on "Class Sheet."

Click on "Awards" - located on the left side of the website. 

When a student reaches an award level, they have a trophy icon next to their name and an open checkbox designated for that award distance. An open box means the award has been earned but not presented.

  • You can either manually check the boxes to confirm the awards or print an award list. 
  • To print out an award list, click on "Print." Print the award list by class (Awards List) or for the whole school (School Award List).
  • When you close the downloaded list, you will be asked you if you want to confirm the awards.  Selecting "OK" will mark off all the awards as having been presented.
  • Confirmed awards will not show up on the award list in the future.


When printing certificates you will have to do each class, team, or grade individually.

To print a single certificate for a student, click on the student's name on the awards tab and select the print icon.