Scan each QR Card that you plan to use in the future. This ensures QR Cards will work going forward. Follow these instructions:

  1. Collect All the QR Cards You Plan to Reuse.
  2. Go to the EZ Scan 2 App on a scanning device.
  3. Press "Sync Now".
  4. Press "Start Session".
  5. Select the "Account Clean-Up Program".
  6. Select Any "Course".
  7. Scan the QR Cards. (Scan in any order. No class designation needed.)
  8. Press "Stop Scanning".
  9. Press "Sync Now".

Note: If additional cards are found, simply follow the steps noted above.
You have until 09/30/2021 to finish scanning all your students.

Time Estimate:
100 Cards - 5 Minutes
500 Cards - 25 Minutes
1000 Cards - 50 Minutes

Not Ready?: Click "Finish Later" and you will be taken back to Edit My School where you can click "Continue" to be taken back to the same page.